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Beautiful jewelry for every taste and all ages
amor offers a wide range of genuine sterling silver or gold jewelry at affordable prices. amor recognizes and interprets trends early to create exclusive, versatile jewelry. amor is a reliable supplier of lovingly made jewelry that highlights your individuality and shows off your best side. The range of designs is classic, yet contemporary and fashionable. Brand new high-fashion items are added twice a year to complement amor’s selection of genuine jewelry. We have collections for all tastes and all age groups – for women, men or children, the whole family. At amor, you’ll find genuine jewelry at the right price.

Genuine jewelry at reasonable prices

Quality for lasting enjoyment
The amor seal of quality reflects the features of our jewelry that are the most important to us. We place great emphasis not only the authenticity of our jewelry, but also on a good price-performance ratio. For us, authentic jewelry means using 925 sterling silver, carefully selected gold alloys and stainless steel. Some of the items are combined with beautifully polished (synthetic) zirconia or other stones. Quality is one of our top priorities, so to make sure our jewelry doesn’t tarnish or scratch, all items are plated with high-quality rhodium to keep them lustrous and gleaming. At amor you get beautiful, superior jewelry at a fair price, because we believe that rewarding yourself does not have to be a luxury.

Product care

We have put together a few tips on how to store and care for your amor jewelry so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

amor genuine jewelry is crafted from 925 sterling silver with high-quality rhodium plating, select gold alloy or stainless steel. Rhodium not only protects amor silver jewelry against tarnishing, but also preserves its brilliance and sparkle.

Jewelry care
To protect your jewelry against wear, tarnishing and damage, always remove it before exercising, taking a bath or shower, before bedtime, and when doing housework or cleaning. We recommend that you apply perfume or hairspray before putting on your jewelry, because they often contain substances that may damage it. Keeping your jewelry away from water or heat will allow you to enjoy it for longer, as contact with moisture or heat can shorten the life of the materials, and damage the stones’ polished surface.

We recommend that you store your pieces individually in their original packaging or in a suitable jewelry case. We wish you years of pleasure while wearing your amor jewelry.

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Discover your favorite piece
amor’s wide and versatile range of jewelry is sold all over Europe. Our practical rotating showcases give you a quick overview of the breadth of our line, to discover your favorite. We let you hold amor genuine jewelry in your hand. You can try on all our rings in a relaxed atmosphere using our ring presenter. Our sales associates and specialist retailers are happy to give you friendly, expert advice – whether you are in an amor store or a department store. And to make sure that you can always get our jewelry, we quickly restock sold-out items.